Why Making a DIY Mask is a Great Idea Right Now

Many of us have been sheltering in place for a while now and are more adjusted to a new “Covid-19” routine.
Although it’s great to have a lot more time with your family, pets, and that new hobby you may have started, it’s still so important to stay diligent when going outdoors.

This means still masking up!

“The importance of staying focused on our safety hasn’t changed that much in the last few months,” says Dr. Viral Patel “We need to do our part to help slow/stop the spread of Covid-19 and that means doing everything we can to protect our community by staying safe ourselves.”

We know there are MANY articles about how to make your own mask, so here is one that includes a few simple options, including a two DIY “no-sew” mask using a t-shirt or handkerchief/bandana!

Be sure to wash your mask after every use or at least once a day.

PS: We prefer the bandana version below!


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