Why Employers Should Utilize Health Experts to Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Status

Every single individual and community has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus and its devastating influence. For employers, the impact has been especially challenging and has redefined the workplace and employee needs. As the new year is underway, organizations understand the need for a sustainable, new normal. An employer’s new normal might look like:

  • New COVID-19 workplace workplace guidelines (Remote vs. the office, temperature checks, etc.)
  • Taking preventative COVID-19 measures (Promoting the vaccine, daily COVID-19 symptom check-ins, etc.)
  • Putting employees first (offering health benefits that support both physical and mental health)

In a recent J.P. Morgan 2021 Business Leaders Outlook report, 60% of business leaders put employee physical safety and security as their top priority, with 39% putting mental health and wellbeing as their main focus. Employers are recognizing that the success and longevity of their organization will greatly depend on putting employee health and well-being as a top priority.

Making Informed Decisions Based on Data

As organizations shift from survival to recovery and resilience, it’s imperative that employers are making strategic, data-driven decisions. Those choices you make today will have a lasting impact on employees, their families and the general public. Having a lack of data and information can lead to uninformed and delayed decisions. Employers who have access to COVID-19 employee population health data, can make fast data-driven decisions about returning to the workplace and operating in a safe way.

For most employers, getting access to data related to COVID-19 and your employees can be difficult.  Two of the biggest barriers to this data are:

  • Having the necessary resources to obtain employee health data
  • Being comfortable asking your employees for their health data
  • Typically, human resource teams don’t have experience asking for this data (highly personal health information)

Fortunately organizations like Radish Health have the solutions for these challenges and understand how utilizing big data puts employees first, while maintaining and increasing productivity.

Managing COVID-19 is Complex

Ultimately this shift will encourage organizations to be more proactive, especially managing COVID-19 and the vaccine. Establishing a vaccine management plan is vital if your organization is looking to return to the workplace. While organizations can’t force the COVID-19 vaccine onto employees, it’s important that leaders are informed on their state and local vaccine distribution plans, vaccine adoption rates and vaccine availability. Keeping employees informed is another way employers can be a source for factual COVID-19 information.

Additionally, documentation of COVID-19 and the vaccine is key to being proactive and preventing the spread within your organization and beyond. Does your organization have a system for documenting who has and hasn’t been vaccinated? Who in your organization has had COVID-19 and how are you keeping track?

Utilizing Doctors for Proper COVID-19 Management

Maintaining a vaccine management plan and consistent COVID-19 documentation is a lot to put on benefit managers, human resource leaders and even CEOs. While organizations understand the importance of treating COVID-19 as a top priority, some organizations may struggle with consistency. For small to midsize employers, this is particularly challenging due to the lack of financial resources and health expertise.

Solutions do exist! Companies like Radish Health help fill this gap by providing an on-demand Chief Medical Officer. By outsourcing these decisions to healthcare and industry professionals, employers will save time and improve employee health and safety. Now small to midsize employers can compete with Fortune 500 companies and provide the same employee experience.

Returning to the Workplace Safe and Staying Healthy

For many organizations, having employees return to the workplace and receiving the vaccine is the ultimate goal. While remote has been great (and continues to be great for some industries), organizations have found it difficult to collaborate and innovate with colleagues.

The pandemic has been a wake up call. Organizations must continue to stay educated on COVID-19 vaccine updates, monitor new diseases and be prepared for future pandemics.

That’s exactly why it's imperative organizations put employee physical and mental health first by utilizing employee population health data and experienced health professionals through a company like Radish Health.

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